Never Google your weather :-(

You want fast, accurate results?

Go to Google.

Where would we be without this trusted internet friend?


You sense sarcasm here? You’d be right.

Just take a look at today’s ( 28 August 2013) weather forecast for Nice, France.

Oh really?!
Oh really?!

Okay, I am not actually in Nice but I can see it in the distance.

But that’s not my point. If you take a look at Orange ( where the future is, naturally) we have a different picture!

Make my future Orange !
Make my future Orange !

I took this photo from my window this morning and it hasn’t changed.

Blue sky and sunshine.
Blue sky and sunshine.

So, if you are planning a trip to Nice, please check Orange website as Google apparently has, what…jealousy issues?!

Now 18.33 on Wednesday 28 August 2013. A few clouds but still SUNNY 🙂


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