Sometimes it is all you need. An owl in my teacup. When you work 22/7 as a live-in carer you can sometimes feel isolated, alone, even. I won’t say lonely because there isn’t time for that, particularly if you have a client with dementia; normal conversation can be  somewhat sparse. Hence talking to yourself (usually … READ MORE

An owl in my teacup

Universal sign in Nice. Student days… I had taken a stroll along the promenade d’Anglais, the first time since the 14th of July. I surveyed the thousands of tributes neatly lining a small area of the promenade and many more across the road opposite. I particularly noticed the amount of soft toys. I recalled reading … READ MORE

Student days Universal sign in Nice

Allez les bleus. That is what I said  to the driver as I got off the local bus from Vence to Tourrettes-sur-Loup. My French leaves a lot to be desired but I am told I have a good accent. So as he hadn’t replied, I added, ce soir. To which he smiled, nodded and said…Je … READ MORE

Allez les Bleus

French boulangerie diet fail! With the wind in the right direction I am acutely aware of the boulangerie along my street. I can usually manage to resist a pain au chocolat mid morning and I always have a proper lunch between 12.30 and 1.30 but it’s the gouter time from 4 p.m onwards that tests … READ MORE

French boulangerie diet fail ;-)

I ordered a parcel online with Amazon France Livraison rapide. For my British chums ( who remembers Antoine de Caunes in Eurotrash?) this means a parcel will be delivered at break neck speed. Okay, so It was Friday night when I placed the order so I wasn’t expecting it the next day. I thought Monday (Sunday … READ MORE

Amazon France  Livraison rapide

Write a letter to Father Christmas. Post in Tourrettes-sur-Loup, France. ASmileADay #128 Hurry. Only two days left if you want an answer from Father Christmas. Do other towns and villages do this?  

Letter to Father Christmas

Ever wondered about the length of a Monarch plane? Me neither…until now. On a flight from Birmingham, UK to Nice, France the following announcement was made by the first officer. That’s the guy (in this case) sitting next to the pilot, right?) So he will know. Our flight today will take 1 hour and 48 … READ MORE

How long is a Monarch plane?

Noise free bedroom? Just what does that mean? Strolling through Ventimiglia, Italy I spotted this parked car. I wondered if I should peer inside. Tinted windows gave me a clue. Which of course meant…I was even more curious. Is it a product? Does it prevent noise from entering or escaping? Or maybe it is just … READ MORE

Noise free bedroom? ASmileADay #126